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OfferWriter®is a game changer for busy real estate professionals.

RE/MAX Professionals' exclusive and proprietary ProSuite 2.0, revolutionizes how the transaction is managed by real estate professionals.

With OfferWriter®, you can now write offers on properties quickly and easily! It takes just two minutes of your time - completes all of the necessary forms based on MLS data, and best of all can be done from your mobile device! 

Only now are you truly mobile in your business. Easily write thorough offers from ANYWHERE!

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Save Valuable Time
Write complete offers from your mobile device in just two minutes. Four simple steps and you're done! Easily meet offer deadlines and get valuable time back.

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Correct forms, every time
Automatically selects all appropriate forms, based on MLS property data such as year built, water/sewer source and association. No more placing signature blocks, forgetting personal property or agency and representation contracts.

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Guide your clients
Provides a summary page to confirm key offer details with your clients. Then send to them for simple e-sign.

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NOW you're mobile
Only now can you fully conduct your business on the go. Write offers from your car, in front of the property or at your kids soccer game.

This app is available exclusively at RE/MAX Professionals and is patent pending. Copyright 2022. All Rights Reserved.

What our professionals are saying:

  • Custom image 1"I recently wrote an offer that was full of contingencies and was skeptical OfferWriter® would work, so in my head I was trying to think of all the documents I would need. I opened the app, set my stopwatch just to see what the fuss was about, then filled in the quick questions. The whole offer took me four minutes and 14 seconds. That included taking the time to validate the address. Then I was even more skeptical! No way, it had to have missed a document? A line item? Not a thing. BAM, ready to go. I found myself scrolling through the whole thing twice, still trying to see what it missed. Not one thing was missed.

    Great for any offer, but especially the offer where you show your buyer a home and get that call from the listing agent that highest and best is due that same hour! It took me a few times to stop questioning the system's abilities, now it is just second nature. As usual, thank you Justin!" - Brandy Grell, RE/MAX Professionals
  • Custom image 2 "OfferWriter® is an absolute game changer! I’m able to write offers and send out for signatures within 2-3 minutes. No more rushing home or to the office to write offers, you can literally do it from your phone in less time than powering up your computer. OfferWriter is a must have for any top producing agent." - Nicholas Huston, RE/MAX Professionals
  • Custom image 3I just had another client win their dream home in multiple offers! I used RE/MAX Professionals ' OfferWriter® to write a stellar offer fast! Had I needed to go back to the office to write, we would have missed the seller's deadline. My clients couldn't be happier! - Jessica Fisher, RE/MAX Professionals
  • Custom image 4I had a listing that was expecting multiple offers, like most listings in this current climate. Each agent was scrambling to get their offer in by the deadline. After using OfferWriter® for the past 6 months, I actually forgot what that was like. Justin was really on to something in creating OfferWriter® and I'm so grateful to have this in my Professional toolkit to better support my clients in this competitve market. - Tony Khambata, RE/MAX Professionals
  • Custom image 5I just completed my first accepted Purchase Agreement with OfferWriter® and the Closing Worksheet through your system. WOW!!!! I am over the moon with how easy the entire process was. I can’t tell you how long both of those things used to take me to complete. It’s so seamless, I want to cry tears of joy. - Megan Schmidt, RE/MAX Professionals
  • Custom image 6"I can't say enough about the OfferWriter® app! It doesn't make errors, is intuitive and easy to use. The app makes writing offers so simple, it almost seems too good to be true! I can now write an error-free offer in a fraction of the time it used to take me. A must have piece of technology for any realtor's toolbox, whether a new agent or a seasoned professional." - Nicholas Henton, RE/MAX Professionals
  • Custom image 7I absolutely love OfferWriter®! I was able to write an offer for my clients while at a party on a houseboat in the middle of the lake in Arizona! The app is so good it even knew to pull the common interest community documents that I needed. It took me about five minutes to write and review the documents before I sent them to my clients. Love it! No more dragging my computer around! - Amy Zuccone, RE/MAX Professionals
  • Custom image 8OfferWriter® is the perfect tool for the REALTOR who is constantly on the go. I can literally write an offer on a property in less than 5 minutes and send it seamlessly to my clients. This app is a true game changer. - Rick Slachta, RE/MAX Professionals

ProSuite 2.0 is your business operating system

View all of the benefits of ProSuite 2.0 and how this proprietary app greatly reduces your administrative time and often replaces the need for an assistant or transaction coordinator. 

For a confidential career review to see how OfferWriter® and ProSuite 2.0 could greatly impact your bottom-line, making you more productive and gain you back countless hours of administrative time, contact us today or book time with owner, Sonya Fox, here. 

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